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Fila / Fendi Collection

Hype culture has already come for Bill Clinton, toddlers, and whole Manhattan neighborhoods, and now it’s coming for Fendi and its Italian leather and minks. The brand has launched Fendi Mania, a collection of luxury streetwear inspired by Fila and featuring a special Fila/Fendi logo designed by artist @hey_reilly. Last night, Fendi threw a party at its new flagship store on Madison Avenue. There, guests celebrated the collection alongside replicas of Michelangelo’s famously handsome “David” statue and the famously handsome human Ansel Elgort. Truly, Elgort is the key demographic for the capsule collection. The actor wore a navy-and-red tracksuit, duster, and giant white sneakers from the new collection to the launch. The outfit, combined with his newly dyed blonde hair,...

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