Meet Team Vanity's Vault team

Vanity's Vault is an online boutique that sells 100% Authentic New and Pre-Loved Luxury items.

 Ever wished there was a shopping destination for pre-loved luxury goods that was as safe and satisfying as buying new? The founder Doris Chandler had this wish and that's where the idea for Vanity's Vault came from. The company was formed with the following objectives and guiding principles in mind: 

 * Widen the customer base for exclusive luxury brands by providing a trusted source for pre-loved luxury items.

* Offer a return policy that matched and or exceeded for new goods purchased from authorized retailers.

* Our experience team have handpicked chic, unique, stylish items from all over the world with Fashionistas in mind.



Our founder; Doris Chandler

 Label Specialist: Linda Saltzman


Models: Jessica Ortiz, Jennifer Ortiz 


Model: Aygemang Clay